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6 Writing Exercises To Improve Sales Email

Sales email should only possess one characteristic that any sales prospects should get promptly –and that is being concise. It would have been obvious why there are a lot of sales email being blasted are directly sent to the trash folder of the recipient. This maybe because your sales email’s content is too long and your sales prospect don’t have the luxury of time to read it. In drafting a sales email, a sales person should keep in mind the directness and conciseness of his email so that it cannot be wasted. We will be introducing six writing exercise that will help you write a better sales email next time.

Improve Sales EmailPractice Haiku Poem

Ever heard of Haiku Poetry? It’s a Japanese poem that has 3-7-3 syllable and has three lines. For example:

“In the morning sun

Rise the Rooster Cock Cooing

Waking the people”

Well-written haikus have an elegance to them — a rhythm. Each words holds weight — and each syllable is important — because that’s what the craft demands. Doing so trains you to think deeply about your writing. It forces you to evaluate the opportunity cost of words.


By restricting each tweet to 140 characters, Twitter forces you to relay an impactful or interesting or compelling or funny message quickly.


Freewrite in two minutes. Write anything about a certain topic, you can misspell words, forget commas or periods, and apostrophes. Just write and let ideas flow. Run this exercise enough and you’ll start to recognize your negative writing tendencies. In other words, you’ll begin to see patterns in your writing, which will alert you to the bad habits you should watch out for when writing.

Simplify Wikipedia’s Content

Ever read a Wikipedia article? I know it’s concise but you can try compressing a 100 word paragraph into 50 word passage. This will help you write a snippet for your sales email and will have a quick rundown of what you have to offer to your sales prospect.

Read Foreign Concept

Research a foreign concept and try to explain it to 100 word paragraph. That means you have to be concise without being vague. In other words, you should strive to break down the “what,” “why,” and “how” of the concept or subject.

Read Hemingway, Bukowski, and Vonnegut

Like Ernest Hemingway, who is said to have written the world’s shortest novel. It’s six words long: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Like Charles Bukowski, who summed up the essence of his first novel, Post Office, in the book’s opening sentence, which reads, “It began as a mistake.”

Like Kurt Vonnegut, who wrote most of his novels, including his masterpiece, Cat’s Cradle, in a series of chapters that rarely exceeded two pages in length. This concise approach kept his storylines tight, punchy, and addicting.

The first five exercises in this article will help you to hone your sentences, to keep them succinct and ready to cut. But this last exercise will ensure that you’re reading some of the finest sentences ever written, a practice that will undoubtedly shape your understanding of the craft as a whole, giving you something to strive for and admire.

After practicing these six easy exercise, you can now write a better sales email that will satisfy the reader’s bud of your sales prospect.

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