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A Better Approach in Email Marketing – Keeping the KISS Principle

From our past posts, we talked about how you can make your email marketing campaign more productive through adhering to the KISS principle. And well, there really is a sort of logic behind the brilliance of such an idea. So are you curious as to how the KISS principle, when applied to email marketing campaigns, helps them become more productive? If you are, then keep reading!A Better Approach in Email Marketing – Keeping the KISS Principle

In a thing such as an email marketing campaign, you will be utilizing your contact list a lot. You’ll constantly be sending emails every now and then, all with the hopes of attracting more customers to your table. So, just how does the principle of “keep it short and simple” work in helping such campaigns get better results? Well, here are some reasons why:

All your gibberish is bores me.

If you’re a person who likes going around the internet in search of informative information, you may have already stumbled upon some really amazing blog sites… as well as some less attractive ones. As you may have already seen, some blogs are able to attract readers from nearly all walks of life through the content that the blogger behind it puts up, while some remain to be just distant memories fading into the void of the internet. And what’s one of the causes of this phenomenon of blogs becoming unattractive? Well, one of them is too much text, too many long posts, or just plain old gibberish that people don’t want to bother reading. The same applies to your emails. That’s why keeping it short is part of how you can get better results.

I know you’re a marketer. Get to the point, will ya?

Some marketers have a way with words. When you’re talking with your prospect upfront, you can’t help but sometimes sugar it up. However, some people just really want to know what the point is. So, do you think everyone of your recipients in your sales leads database wants to have you beat around the bush in your marketing emails? No, many of them don’t want you to, so it’s best that you get to the point as soon as you can. The KISS principle tells us to keep it short and simple, so if we keep to it we’re going to need to get to our main point as soon as we can, lest we lengthen our message and lose the interest of our recipients. Besides, some of your prospects know that it’s a marketer who is sending the email and would really just like it if you tell them what the catch is.

Yes, I will take time to read your email. But first, let me get a dictionary.

The essence of creating effective marketing emails is that you keep it simple! Of course, we can’t help but sometimes add flowery words and make everything seem better through our content, but that doesn’t always help. And well, some people don’t always get the words you may be using. Big words may help you seem more intelligent, but what’s that got to do with marketing? Sure enough, it helps as content for a website. It attracts people and even adds up to your credibility of being professional. But in terms of marketing using email, it sometimes comes off as you trying to be a smart@5s. Word to the wise: keep it simple.

The KISS principle truly is a good principle to live by in creating marketing emails and in helping email marketing campaigns to be more productive.

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