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Timing Can Be Your Gateway to Sales Leads

Timing can be such a difficult feat for most. But timing can also be that winning move for a football player to score a goal, for a boxer to knock-out his opponent, even for a salesperson to get a response from a prospect.

Often wonder why the emails you send hardly get a response?  There could be numerous answers to that, but why not start with the easiest to solve: schedule the delivery of your emails. GetResponse states that the specific schedule of sending emails to your prospect can boost the chance of getting a response than just randomly setting a time.

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Qualified Sales Leads are Based On Needs, Not Problems

Okay maybe it’s too bit of a stretch to say that having a need is not completely the same as having a problem. However, do you really think looking only for a problem is the quickest way to getting qualified sales leads? When a prospect appears to have a pain point, you qualify them based on what answers they’re looking for. You don’t use the problem itself as if it were a black mark and hope they’ll just proceed to a sale out of some form of desperation.

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Qualified Leads Are In A Constant State of Change

Much like water, your leads have to be in a constant state of change for them to really be called qualified. Just because you’ve managed to, for example, set an appointment or generate a substantial amount of interest from prospects doesn’t mean a sale is 100% guaranteed.

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