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Checklists in Becoming Luke Skywalker in B2B Online Marketing


Luke Skywalker has been known as the son of the overlord Darth Vader which has been known to be Anakin Skywalker. His potential in harnessing the force is comparable with his father. The only thing left for him is to decide how to use it. That would sound similar with B2B online marketing. It is just like anyone in the marketing industry. The correct path in marketing the online environment must be prepared.

Checklists in Becoming Luke Skywalker

In becoming like Luke Skywalker in online marketing, there is a checklists that you may to consider. This would make it easier to drive your online marketing content properly. It helps you in a way to drive traffic successful. This make new ventures in new industries. To guide you on becoming like Luke Skywalker, we can give few lists you make should see.

  1. Research uncover Opportunities

Even Luke Skywalker has been raised hidden from the Galactic Empire, this does not stop him from exploring new adventures. In B2B marketing, you have to research hot keywords, topics and trending media to piggyback the wave of this queries.

  1. Distribute to Potential Partners

After researching the right content, you can now distribute and segment the content you made into your prospects. Utilize email and social Medias to deliver the message. Drive traffic more easily as it create back links.

  1. Polish Content

Polish you content even more to make it fresh and non-redundant. Remember that people wants something new to read or view. Make your resources look new with the sound of your content.

  1. Promote to your Audience

Always make it promotional. Of course, you have to sell your website and services. Always include a link to your homepage. This way, your viewers can be easily converted into new customers.  

  1. Reach the Right people

Keeping the interest of the right people makes better in lead nurturing. But in this case, you have to keep them engage. Pushing your content to anyone will not make any sense as it will not make any measurable results.

  1. Stay Current

Stay and grow on the technique just like Luke Skywalker. Practice makes no one perfect but it can make things better. Updating your content so that it stays relevant to your audience is crucial to maintaining the value you worked so hard to create.

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