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Configuring Website’s Viewpoint in Mobile Marketing  



The internet has been into a drastic change since 2007. From desktop users to portable laptops and then switched to mobile users, the webpage has never been that accessible to anyone. Same goes for the users from digital marketing who has been navigating, scrolling and clicking numerous times using webpages. Mobile marketing may seems to be limited only application but little do know that there is a lot of advantages when it comes to using proper website’s viewpoint.

The main purpose of having a suitable website’s viewpoint is for the content of the webpage. It helps mobile users in viewing the webpage content visibly in the screen, depending on the type of device the reader is using. It configures the webpage’s viewpoint so that it will look like a mobile app when browsing through mobile phones.

This what your site will look with and without viewpoint.


image credit: Google viewpoint

When you don’t use viewpoint for mobile users, the loading time will be longer. The webpage will render the desktop size image, making the text content really small. When this happens, this is called “fallback” and it ranges from 800–1024 pixels. It setting the webpage’s viewpoint, it will give better experience for mobile users.

To set you website’s viewpoint you need to: (1) Check if you have configured the viewpoint already. To easy find out this, you need to open your browser (Chrome or Mozilla) and minimize manually the window to the size of your mobile screen.

If you haven’t configured yet you can copy this snippet and tag it in the header of your site.

<meta name=viewport content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>]

In most cases, this will be carried across the whole site making your websites more user and mobile friendly.  Remember that you have to add this tag within every webpage to individually so that the viewpoint will be applicable in all your subpages.

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