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Five Steps to Corporate Identity Design and Development  


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Whether planning a big or small business, corporate identity is always integrated into action. This makes up the totality of the whole business from the CEO up to the utility employees. This is also the summary of the business and its name and what it makes up for. In short, business identity is very critical in establishing good brand in the market.

To do this, there are five steps in refining and developing a corporate identity that aims clearly and define your brand stands for. It should get you through its goals, your personality and the emotions you want to set in to people to experience whenever they have your product. It describes and convey the statement into a position. To do that, these are the five steps.

Step 1: Vision Statement

A vision statement define what you want with your company to become in the future. What are the things you want to invoke and it should be aspirational and inspirational. Ideally, this statement are tag under your business name or it consist into one sentence.

Step 2: Mission statement

This statement defines the purpose of your company. It should be simple, straight forward, clear, and jargon-free language that is easy to understand. Ideally, it should be motivational for both employees and customers.

Step 3: Essence

The essence of the company resembles the intangible emotions that you want for your customer to feel when they use your brand. A brand’s essence is the representation of the company’s heart, soul and spirit that is putted into one word.

Step 4: Personality

Just like a person, a brand’s personality define how a personality speaks, behave, thinks, acts, and reacts. This become the personification of your company, as it characterize human attributes into business. For example, Apple is for young and hip while Microsoft is for mature and free.

Step 5: Position or Value of Proposition

A brand positioning statement or value proposition can be one or two-sentence long. It state the brand’s value apart from its competitor while display confidence in benefitting for the customers. It clearly says the brand’s unique value and deliver its promise to the customer.

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