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Humanizing Marketing methods

Many marketing methods out in the market have already been technologically dependent. Outrun and outwit by technological advancement can be delirious at some point. Marketing methods through technology can be a friend or sometimes and in some ways be a foe.  Technologically speaking the numbers in the traditional marketing has already been carried away by tech-marketing method. So, one can say that tech-marketing can be accurate in this way. As it can be but can be proven wrong through the research of Chron in 2014.

In their article released  last 2014 saying the only 80 percent of output in the database are accurately true and certified in the real world. Knowing this would deplete the marketing function of database programs if not immediately solve. But in the past years, the number of this output remains the same.

Database specialist can be sometimes pragmatic in the work of accurately uploading true facts in consumer’s information. The distinction among database program and specialist can be sometime redundant. The function of both elements are recurring in the means of subduing the correct attitude in finding the right element to fill the right box of a customer’s output.

Data functions in a manner that it connects to every pattern of which can a consumer is doing. The patterns are created along with the algorithm of series of events that will trigger the strategy of a marketer to do their job. Given that the specialist inputted misinformation of a customer’s contact info. The   series of function of the contact number will affect the output and again create a major data misconfiguration in the system thus making a series of incorrect output.

Humanizing the technologically driven market can help reduce the in appropriate output in the future. Major marketing firm are investing into certified input and output data analyst to ensure quality data in their database. Knowing the fact that many firm are into automation but not realizing too much automation can lead to self-driven data dependency.

Human –to-computer relationship in marketing is important due to the check and balance function of both man  and man-made machine.

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