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If You Want Qualified Leads With a Personal Touch, Define What’s ‘Personal’

The idea of getting ‘personalized’ leads has been known to excite sales teams. It’s like the idea of getting qualified leads isn’t enough until they’ve been strictly personalized for the salesperson assigned to close them.

But you know, there are other ways you can define ‘personal.’ Some of the things that really personalize your leads are done by your salespeople, not your marketers.

You need to define what ‘personal’ means before you set your lead generators to the task of finding potential customers. Sometimes the result is that the marketing team ends up engaging the prospect more than your sales team and you’re still left meeting with a complete stranger once the appointment is set.

If you want to avoid that situation, you should at least realize that getting something personalized for your sales team requires some form of active participation on their part. You can outsource a lot of tasks but you can’t outsource the ones that need their fingerprints all over it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Personal Participation – This one’s more old-fashioned. You can give away the job of making calls, maintaining the website, or sending email invitations. However, once the ball starts rolling from there (e.g. a prospect wants to talk to you personally), take over. Avoid using your marketers to send too many automated replies. You’d be surprised how a lot of ‘old-fashioned’ networking techniques are still in use even in the LinkedIn age.
  • Personal Observation – If more automation is really the only way to go for you, you should start exercising your analysis skills. If you can’t be there to speak with a prospect personally, you should least learn enough about them to know what’s what. Focus on getting lead generators to extract any detail that will arm you with information on their pain points. Learn how to check upon their progress on a regular basis. You may not be running the conversation but you could at least listen.
  • Personal Directing – This is somewhat of a middle road between the previous two. If you can’t easily participate but would still rather engage a bit more directly than just studying prospect information, try to actively direct the creative process. Oversee the production of marketing scripts, read over their call scripts, and take firmer control over your brand.

Personal leads aren’t made by themselves without your input. You can ask somebody else to do the legwork, the paper work, the calling work etc. However, you can’t ask them to be you. Why would you be in sales in the first place if not for that?

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