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Increase your Marketing efforts like Coca Cola

Exactly how many times have you wondered on how to increase your market? Did it ever cross to your mind that simple step of the way can create a big impact on your marketing efforts? Business starters often ask this question, it always occur to them that marketing is something you have to wait. Marketing is some place where you can put your product or service and then wait for people to buy them. That may be true in medieval times but when we think of marketing in the 20th and 21st century. We will have an idea that marketing is an effort to reach out potential buyers.


One of the most amazing company in history will tell us that marketing is not one-day process. It takes time to receive a positive result. In B2B marketing, prospect’s time and your effort matters. The need to understand both end is the key in maintaining relationship with each other. Time to see how Coca Cola reach its current market.

Coupon for Everyone- in its first year of business, the company had sold only one bottle of coke. But it does not stop them from stopping the production, instead the company continue to give out discount coupon for everyone to encourage their beverage. Same as for starters, continue to produce and give out freebies from your business. B2B marketers should give some freebies towards their prospects.

Catchy phrase- everyone can be an asset of catchy phrase. The motivation and the catchy and jingly phrase is the only one you can pass on to your buyer. Make a catchy phrase like ”helping you out always” and once this become famous. Sure fire hit on your brand name.

Patience- again, it all wakes time to wait for the best results and continue doing what you are doing and improve it no matter how.  The challenge in B2B marketing is not finding the leads, but continuing the efforts you are doing to grab your audience. It always boils down that if one do his best, anything is possible.

Now, to start your marketing efforts. Start simple and take one step at a time.

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