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Lead Generation Tips – Stats Aren’t Just Numbers

Number and facts go along together. It often serves as a basis for discovery and even for improvements. Statistics are also considered as a reliable interpretation of data and is widely used. Even telemarketing is not an exception.

These digits that usually go with a percent sign and charts are vital for a business to sustain its operations. Sadly though, it is often overlooked. See these stats and contemplate whether you’re one of those who treat numbers, merely numbers.

Be first to contact a prospect

The early bird catches the worm. This line may be old, but works every time. InsideSales says that 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the prospect.

This is probably where timing works at its best. Your prospects are busy persons, they are most likely to move around a lot and hardly have the time to sit and listen to every offer telemarketers are making. And as a telemarketer, you are to be wary of such competition.

Assuming you have this incredible convincing skills, but if you’ve come to be the sixth to ring a potential client’s phone, that lead could already be good as a goner.

Statistics or not, making an effort to be the first to call a prospect can get more leads and sales for sure.

Never stop prospecting

Why do you try to gather and nurture your leads regularly? Because your current clients could be gone anytime. Numbers are not even needed to back this fact up. Although did state that you’ll be loosing 14% of your customers each year.

That percentage should be enough for you act for a long-term solution. Even if you get to have busy days, ringing phones and all the chaotic boom of your business, never stop prospecting. Boom-and-bust cycle is big no-no.

You’re eventually going to lose your customers, even your most trusted ones. Keeping your business running doesn’t always mean having the most profits, but having the consistency of really keeping your business.

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