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Nailing the Real Closed Sales in B2B Marketing  

As of this moment, you are still in the line of figuring out whether or not your prospect needs your help, you might need your prospect to acknowledge that they must have the needs, goals and a frustrating challenge they need to get rid of. If you can make them open this up, they can grab the consequences of failure and embrace the positive implication of success.

Nailing the Real Closed Sales in B2B Marketing  

In B2B selling, you have to put your expert hat on the spot and start laying the solutions with them. Before mailing them some demos, proposals or a contract, it is recommended to verbally and collaboratively make a new plan with them where you as the B2B provider plays an important role in the course.

Follow up the details of their assets individually functioning in a specific situation and how they will achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. State their purpose upon buying and describe their job in every step of the way to achieve their goals.

By exploring these points together with your prospect, you’ll get them thinking and imagining — even dreaming of — what their world could look like if they hire you to help.

During this stage, show the best practices you have gained when you help other prospects. Add some success stories that relates them, soon they will begin to believe that you can really help them. Secure their verbatim buy-in and commitment from your prospect as you go through the plan together.

To conclude this process, never be scared of asking the final question:

“Do you want my help?”

The answer should be 100% yes.

To wrap up everything, it is recommended again to ask the question if you believe the answer will be yes. Don’t make them think that you are after all wants to sell not to help. This will be the best real close sale. That’s when you know you’ve nailed the closing process.

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