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Researching for Sales Leads Can Be Like Researching Superhumans

Whether you watched the first Avengers movie or just came out from watching the second, it seems quite clear that the Avengers recruit people not much differently from any organization. They research the individuals, make a few calls, and make a few (albeit cryptic) hints about their possible intentions.

Fictional superheroes aside, you too would need to research the history, capabilities, and accomplishments of your prospect organizations in order to determine if they’re qualified sales leads.

You might be wondering if this is a rather simplistic approach. After all, you’re talking about a whole business. It’s not just one person. But in case you didn’t know, even the most prominent corporations have a dominant personality.

This personality mostly lies within their brand. The concept of branding isn’t just about how you come off to you target market. It’s also the other way around. Brands serve both an informational as well as emotional imprint that serves as a focus for our understanding of a business.

Brands have been personified on a number of occasions. Whether it’s art or video games, you won’t the first to explore the idea of personifying an entire business organization. What’s important now is how you learn more from that image and how you research them like you would superhumans.

  • Origin story – Every character has an origin story. It lets you know where they come from, how they obtained their ‘superpowers,’ and what led them to be what they are now. You’ll likely find these on their websites or simply ask the people actually working there.
  • Power classification – Super hero games and media actually have a thing for classifying their rosters according to certain types (animal powers, magic, technology etc). Likewise, you need to classify the ‘superpowers’ of your prospect organization according to what they do best. Are they in manufacturing? Healthcare? Retail?
  • Connections to weaknesses – Powers and weaknesses are oftentimes intertwined. For example, Captain American can be all too human despite being at the peak of one. The Hulk can be an uncontrollable mess. Iron Man suffers from PTSD. Each one of these has a certain connection to their superpowers. This easily parallels the connection between your prospect’s specializations and their business shortcomings.

Prospect organizations might be run by hundreds of employees, each with their own personality but that doesn’t mean they’re without an identity. That identity is their brand and researching them is like treating that brand like it was a superhero.

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