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Sales Prospecting Emails and What Should it be?  

In B2B marketing, business prospecting mainly done online through email, social media and phone. Business prospecting is very important because it is the one who know what potential could be inclined into its partners. Good prospecting calls for an effective way of knowing and verifying the information from your business prospects. Knowing so would allow to funnel down good partners and integrate measurable results in your marketing emails.

Sales Prospecting Emails

Any good prospecting email needs to include the following:

1) A reason for reaching out

This reason should be your way of gut-checking yourself. Is the reason for contacting your prospect compelling? Do they fit your ideal buyer persona? Are they similar to some of your most successful customers in the past? Can you provide any value to this person?

If not, don’t reach out.

2) A reason for reaching out right now

Just as important as whether the buyer is a good fit is whether there’s something that will compel them to buy. If there’s no sense of urgency (this can come in the form of business pain, a trigger event, or an internal initiative, among other things), there’s no reason to buy. So don’t just prospect companies that fit in the vertical and size you typically sell to. Is there a good reason you’re reaching out right now?

3) A call-to-action

Every touchpoint in the sales process should drive it forward. How quickly the process moves depends on your prospect’s buyer stage, but you should never send a “just checking in” email that doesn’t provide any value to your buyer.

Instead, make sure your email is helpful before asking your buyer for something. Many times, your prospecting emails will be follow-ups to voicemails so you’ll be tempted to ask for a call, but this isn’t your only option.

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