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Measuring your Team’s Sales Performance in B2B marketing: A Qualitative Guide

There are a lot of resources out there that promise to make your sales reps better, faster, and stronger.  Ultimately, they are made of tips and tricks, call scripts, subject line suggestions, and more. We know that a lot of you read this article and share it with your teams.

But when it’s all said and done, how do you identify if your sales reps have actually improved?

“Excellent performance” goes beyond quota fulfillment. It’s a combination of factors, and you’ll have to take in multiple data points and more substantive assessments to evaluate whether your salespeople are performing good or bad. Continue reading

Digital Download in Sales Outsourcing and lead generation

Downloading revolutionize the use of internet. We can see the dawn of file sharing and allocating from these activities. Downloading became popular after 1998 when networking improved the quality of speed. The industrialization of computer usage peaks high after the end of century and downloading activity is just one of its assets. Continue reading

Researching for Sales Leads Can Be Like Researching Superhumans

Whether you watched the first Avengers movie or just came out from watching the second, it seems quite clear that the Avengers recruit people not much differently from any organization. They research the individuals, make a few calls, and make a few (albeit cryptic) hints about their possible intentions.

Fictional superheroes aside, you too would need to research the history, capabilities, and accomplishments of your prospect organizations in order to determine if they’re qualified sales leads.

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