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Why Motivations is Important in Choosing Business Partners in B2B Marketing  


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B2B marketing is just like a dating site for business finding its right partners. The job of a B2B marketer isn’t easy when a business client demands so much about its wanted partner. Often, we are like who gave marriage to most business to business relationship there is. We look for a better time and place to make business make out to each other. It sounds like we are a dating app in your phone except we make a thorough verification of our clients, not to mention it is not free. It comes with a price. Continue reading

3 Common Misconceptions about Sales Leads

During lean moths especially from October to December, sales leads are rather a piece of gold dust in the middle of mining. Sales leads during these months are rare found because business owners are preparing their operation, rather than their marketing plan, in the holiday season. Consumers are also busy preparing consecutive holidays and celebration, and winter break deteriorate the ability of business to take partnership with other clients due to the expenses of winter being brought in. Continue reading

Is Qualified Lead Data a Hassle Compared to Raw Data?

When you go on a date (like the many who doubtlessly will this February), you’re supposed to make sure everything’s all set right? Only really brave souls would dare take the spontaneous route.

It’s the same with a qualified lead. Only real brave souls in your sales department are willing to go and make an appointment without just raw lead data.

Of course, that’s probably part of the problem nowadays. Going raw with your B2B leads is getting the same trendy rep as organic farming. Unlike the latter though, you’re guaranteed to risk more harm than good if you go on a raw lead.

Don’t be surprised when the sales results are more than just dismal. Why is it so appealing though?

Continue reading