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Five Steps to Corporate Identity Design and Development  


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Whether planning a big or small business, corporate identity is always integrated into action. This makes up the totality of the whole business from the CEO up to the utility employees. This is also the summary of the business and its name and what it makes up for. In short, business identity is very critical in establishing good brand in the market. Continue reading

3 Common Misconceptions about Sales Leads

During lean moths especially from October to December, sales leads are rather a piece of gold dust in the middle of mining. Sales leads during these months are rare found because business owners are preparing their operation, rather than their marketing plan, in the holiday season. Consumers are also busy preparing consecutive holidays and celebration, and winter break deteriorate the ability of business to take partnership with other clients due to the expenses of winter being brought in. Continue reading

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Generate Leads

There are a lot of ways to generate lead. From the most common, which is telemarketing up to the most recent lead buying. The continuous expansion of internet lead the digital marketing into multiple channels and so on to the creation of new channels which generate leads. In today’s strategy in b2b marketing, newly formed channels are in to help marketers in finding the right leads for their pipeline. Continue reading

Where Positive Leads are and How to Get It

In B2B marketing, lead generation is a tough job for someone who is looking for a positive prospect who took the bait. This is like finding a needle on a bunch of haystack with only a piece of magnet. Digital marketers have gone through different medium to obtain the right people and their contact. The dilemma of most online researcher is where to look and where to start? Continue reading

Don’t be Too Snarky When Qualifying Sales Leads

Some salespeople can be downright snarky when they look at supposedly ‘bad’ sales leads wave them off as time-wasters. Usually the complaints commonly fall within the range between “We don’t have this.” to “Do marketers even listen to our own customers?”

But as dismissive as they all sound, don’t think this is good behavior worth emulating. There’s a lot of self-examination required before you can really call yourself qualified enough to be snarky with your leads. Continue reading

When to Let Employees Qualify your Sales Leads

Your employees might not be marketers. They might not be salespeople. However, they can still give you the sort of seasoned insight you need before declaring your sales leads as officially qualified.

Although, it’s still important to know when you can do this. You still can’t use them as raw substitutes for your marketing or your sales team. They’ve got their own work to do! Instead, a more obvious solution would be to bring them on board and go beyond the lead definitions that your marketers and salespeople have agreed upon.

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Qualified Sales Leads are Based On Needs, Not Problems

Okay maybe it’s too bit of a stretch to say that having a need is not completely the same as having a problem. However, do you really think looking only for a problem is the quickest way to getting qualified sales leads? When a prospect appears to have a pain point, you qualify them based on what answers they’re looking for. You don’t use the problem itself as if it were a black mark and hope they’ll just proceed to a sale out of some form of desperation.

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