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Telemarketing: Do Not Try another Introduction Call Until You Do this Task  


A simple introduction call is easy but is the most important in B2B marketing. But it may be fatal if one loose the screw in introducing properly a client to their targeted leads. This happens when telemarketers get too lazy in reviewing what is what of the client they are introducing. Often, they end up making a wrong impression on some business owners. To further assist this doing, the team came up with some ideas and tactics to lighten up the reviewers of business profile. The team sets a series of task which will be effective in making a review for business establishments.


The number one reason of why telemarketers don’t review their client’s profile is that there are too many information that has to be retain in order to make the call more informative. The time to read the important details matters but it does not mean reviewing it will take more than an hour. To save time, highlighting the details which is essential. Setting priority about the name, address and type of business are the three highlights of which you have to note on. Remember that these information are often ask by the receiver, so we make sure that our callers are equipped with the right information.

Another is that, the preparation time to call. This will take about 20 minutes so to be sure that everything is on the right place. Twenty minutes to review some profiles and the target market to initiate the right introduction. To satisfy the efficiency of call, the intro should not be less than one minute. This is to make sure that we are not using too much of our prospects time. We may not know that we’ll be calling them again soon.

So the next time you make your marketer review their homework, don’t meddle them with all the pressure of memorizing the product description.

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