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The Risks of Paid Media and PPC Ads in B2B Marketing  


To speed up the marketing process in B2B marketing, marketers usually sign up with paid ads in LinkedIn, Tweeter or Facebook. This is a very effective strategy in executing inbound marketing. Paid ads and Pay-per-click ads are often the cheapest and the most manageable form of ads in the internet. But many starters are not aware of ad frauds and risks in putting too much money in paid ads. The result can damage the reputation and the investments of businesses.

Risks of Paid Media and PPC Ads

The Impression Fraud

Impression Fraud according to Dr. Augustine Fou’s definition from Marketing Science Consulting Group in New York City, is where hackers or “bad guys” use fake beautiful metrics in impression and lures online paying ads in their third fake party websites.

If you are a marketer and want your site’s impression to boost at low cost and short time, you might find it very useful to pay for this website that will “actually post your ads.” It is just like paying for ads in a place that you ought to know there are a lot of “human” users but hackers just make their “bots” look like your site’s ad is being viewed but it’s not.

Risks? You may have been paying for something that is just leeching the money out of you.

The Click Fraud

Another risk if the Click Fraud. If the Impression Fraud works with bots or fake viewers, Click fraud works with fake “mouse” movement that actually clicks on webpages. The concept of making profit in both is the same. Hackers will sell their metrics in ad exchange. Since the negotiations are automated, it is often undetectable under many circumstances.

Hackers target the biggest PPC spenders. To get the most of the money, according to Dr. Fou, this includes insurance companies (they spend between $60-80 per click) and retailers (they spend between $20-60 per click).

For marketers, Dr. Fou suggests in taking inductive queries of media agencies for detailed reports on ad spend and activities, while simultaneously putting technologies or mechanisms in place to independently verify those numbers.


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