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These 4 Community Forums will Fuel Your Marketing Strategy

There are several ways for you to discover the insights you need in multi-channel marketing. You can evaluate your data or survey existing customers to figure out what your target audience needs or you can go to the places where they’re already sharing this information—community forums. Community forums are one of the best (and most commonly overlooked) channels that provide B2B marketers with an invaluable, and often free, pool of queries and topics of interest and also used as campaign materials for B2B Engagement.

Let us examine these four community forums that will fuel your marketing strategy.


Quora: A Bank of Questions that Need Your Answers

Quora is a social forum built around a Q&A functionality. You can sign up for free, however there is a massive emphasis on valuable content that is managed by the Quora community through an upvote/downvote system. As of now, DMR Digital Stats/Gadgets reports that Quora answers span over 400,000 topics, and the site’s forum engagement has scaled to over 80 million unique visitors per month which can be used in List Building. Due to its Q&A structure, Quora is a great resource for finding out what your target audience is confused about or having issues with Social Media Campaigns.


Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet

Reddit is a massive forum and is making a very convincing shift towards the business sector with a buzzing and information-rich BusinessHub. Reddit is the 32nd most popular website in the world, according to Alexa, and has a vast pool of content and highly informed users. This allows businesses to conduct market research on a very diverse group of people, over a wide array of subjects, to find the right influencers and gauge the best topics to engage their audience and have a Face-To-Face Appointment Setting.


Yahoo!: The Most Popular News and Media Site

Alexa reports that Yahoo is currently the 5th most visited site in the world. While it’s known for its email services which is good in establishing Email Marketing, Yahoo is also a popular search engine, news source, and Q&A platform. In fact, Yahoo Answers has been around since 2005 and accounts for 4.5 million unique monthly visitors for list building.


LinkedIn: The World’s Largest Professional Network

LinkedIn is a powerhouse in the B2B marketing initiatives—with a website rank of 16th in the world and users totaling 400 million, according to Alexa. Focused entirely on business, LinkedIn’s users can provide valuable insight into any industry and can be source to set up a Global Industry Database.

LinkedIn Groups are also extremely popular and give members the ability to find content and connections in their unique industries or niches. Due to its largely professional membership, LinkedIn and its groups can provide quick and easy research on your prospects and customers and you can excel over just a Traditional Marketing.

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