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Why Motivations is Important in Choosing Business Partners in B2B Marketing  


business motivation

B2B marketing is just like a dating site for business finding its right partners. The job of a B2B marketer isn’t easy when a business client demands so much about its wanted partner. Often, we are like who gave marriage to most business to business relationship there is. We look for a better time and place to make business make out to each other. It sounds like we are a dating app in your phone except we make a thorough verification of our clients, not to mention it is not free. It comes with a price.

But even so, B2B marketers will have their bad days in looking for a better leads that suits their ‘specifications.’ Especially when the motivations of many small scale business are small as plump that they don’t even see the wonders of outsourcing their marketing efforts or looking for a better sales. Sometimes and most often, Asian business owners in our experience tend to compete with others business even if they weren’t on the same line of industry.

To have an example, in B2B marketing, you won’t expect us to find a partner near in your location and in the same line of business. It’s just like finding a homosexual data for a heterosexual. Imagine what happened if one party doesn’t agree with the other one? It’s a chaos isn’t it?

So to have a common ground, motivations are important in building relationship in businesses. Without common motivations, together with vision and mission, it won’t work out. See. It just like person to person relationships, without mutual understanding, it would fall eventually.

Hypothetically, motivations are string attachment of which both business are tied together. And the moral responsibility of a business is to establish their profit and as well as their clear understanding in helping a lot of people.

Setting the plan for your business may take for a while, but leaving it hanging by the window is not very ideal.

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