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Your Sales Leads Evolve (It’s Like Language)

Ask any linguist and they’ll all agree that language is always evolving. And coincidentally, this evolution has an impact on the way your sales leads evolve.

Now the term ‘evolution’ can be fairly subjective. How exactly do sales leads evolve? Is it when they go from an unqualified prospect to a closed deal? Is it more about how the process is changing? What has any of that got to do with the way languages evolve?

Fortunately, you don’t need a Masters in Linguistic Studies just to notice the little nuances in human communication in the history of marketing. Hubspot has a SlideShare titled Talking Happy and it serves one example. How often have you heard the same old phrases from marketing, sales reps, and the folks at customer service? Don’t you think it was high time everything changed up? If your answer is yes, then you already know how changes in language can result in changes in your sales leads.

  • The language you use impacts quality – It can be when you write down the first lines of your email copy or draft your first call script. Either way, you are subconsciously acknowledging that these same words are going to affect the leads coming into your pipeline.
  • Inundation makes bad customers and prospects – There is a point when your usual rhetoric gets old. And when it gets old, it becomes an additional sore spot for customers who could already be tired of other things (lack of new offerings, better prices etc).
  • A new generation is always coming – You also have the prospect of doing business with succeeding generations of decision makers. What happens when that old senior executive finally passes on to a younger millennial? You still think they’d be on the same wavelength?
  • New markets require more advancement – Sometimes you have to adapt just to penetrate a new target market. Different industries use different terms. Changing the way you articulate is the first step to making connections.

As you generate more sales leads, you’ll always learn about what copy works and what kind stops working. That’s why you shouldn’t always get too comfortable with sticking with what you know. It’s in the nature of marketing to always evolve in both language and leads.

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