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You’re Always Responsible for Your B2B Leads, Even When Outsourcing

Outsourcing a lead generation company for a stock of quality B2B leads isn’t the same as outsourcing the responsibility of keeping those leads safe. At best, you only share that responsibility. You’re not giving it away to a third party even if they wanted you to.

You can have them promise the most secure CRM protocols and tools. You can make them sign terms of agreement that specify consequences of failure. None of that will matter if your B2B leads are still compromised by people on your side, right in the heart of your own organization.

If you think this won’t happen, you should realize that even industry giants are prone to thieves on the inside. Take the recent leak of the recent episodes of Game of Thrones. Sources and analysts are indicating that the resulting torrent of the first half of the entire fifth season are the result of certain reviewers not acting in good faith.

As much as you want to trust your sales teams, that should not be the reason for being too openhanded with your leads. You don’t want to be the one putting your own faith to the test by neglecting to adopt certain protocols when sharing lead information. In fact, these don’t even have to be so complicated. Some of the simplest yet most effective means of exercising your responsibility include:

  • Controlling access – When you prevent people from simply accessing a database of leads, you prevent a number of bad situations such as leads ending up in the wrong salesperson’s hands or information going to the sales teams of competitors. Whether the actual implements belong to you or an outsourced lead generator, this is one place where your eyes need to be.
  • Qualifying salespeople as much as sales leads – Make sure your B2B leads aren’t qualified one-way. You have to make sure the salespeople who get them are also well suited for the information. Even if you’ve determined each member of your sales team has equal skills to bring to the table, they’re not carbon copies of each other. You need to assign according to their strongest suits.
  • Be transparent with 3rd parties – Outsourced B2B marketers are better off aware of the problems in your company’s sales team. It gives them the heads up when it looks like acquiring more leads won’t help if your salespeople are only going to let them slip. It’s also another way of showing that you’re not being snarky about their quality.

The value of your B2B leads can be so high, it’s not possible to assign their security to just one party. The value automatically creates a shared responsibility between you and whatever source provides it. Much like currency, information requires two to tango.

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