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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Lead Generation Strategies Need to Qualify Leads Like the Academy Qualifies Nominees

It’s no secret that the Academy Awards really hold up a different standard than a majority of movie goers. Some say it’s a little elitist. Others say they’ve got refined taste.

Either way, the one thing they have and what your lead generation strategy needs to have is the capacity to discern what really qualifies for your business.

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Qualified Sales Leads are Based On Needs, Not Problems

Okay maybe it’s too bit of a stretch to say that having a need is not completely the same as having a problem. However, do you really think looking only for a problem is the quickest way to getting qualified sales leads? When a prospect appears to have a pain point, you qualify them based on what answers they’re looking for. You don’t use the problem itself as if it were a black mark and hope they’ll just proceed to a sale out of some form of desperation.

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Your Sales Leads Evolve (It’s Like Language)

Ask any linguist and they’ll all agree that language is always evolving. And coincidentally, this evolution has an impact on the way your sales leads evolve.

Now the term ‘evolution’ can be fairly subjective. How exactly do sales leads evolve? Is it when they go from an unqualified prospect to a closed deal? Is it more about how the process is changing? What has any of that got to do with the way languages evolve?

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Is Qualified Lead Data a Hassle Compared to Raw Data?

When you go on a date (like the many who doubtlessly will this February), you’re supposed to make sure everything’s all set right? Only really brave souls would dare take the spontaneous route.

It’s the same with a qualified lead. Only real brave souls in your sales department are willing to go and make an appointment without just raw lead data.

Of course, that’s probably part of the problem nowadays. Going raw with your B2B leads is getting the same trendy rep as organic farming. Unlike the latter though, you’re guaranteed to risk more harm than good if you go on a raw lead.

Don’t be surprised when the sales results are more than just dismal. Why is it so appealing though?

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