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Monthly Archives: March 2015

When to Let Employees Qualify your Sales Leads

Your employees might not be marketers. They might not be salespeople. However, they can still give you the sort of seasoned insight you need before declaring your sales leads as officially qualified.

Although, it’s still important to know when you can do this. You still can’t use them as raw substitutes for your marketing or your sales team. They’ve got their own work to do! Instead, a more obvious solution would be to bring them on board and go beyond the lead definitions that your marketers and salespeople have agreed upon.

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Want More Qualified Leads? Talk Like You’re Livestreaming

With apps like Meerkat becoming the new marketing darling of online business circus, everyone continues to echo the demand for authentic, believable content in order to establish trust with brands.

It doesn’t matter if your company is in the consumer space or the business-to-business space. People want to see that you’re really for real. And if you want more qualified leads, the need to be as real as you can get isn’t anything new. Continue reading

Lead Nurturing Tips for Questioning Industry Leaders

It’s not every day that you get the attention of really influential prospects. But you know, it’s also likely that they can dismiss you by virtue of being so influential. After all, they’re among the thought leaders. Who are you to question them?

The answer is easy: You have every reason to. That’s the point of the lead nurturing process.

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Is there Such Thing As Instant Lead Nurturing?

The short answer to the question has always been no. Nurturing a lead, until it’s really qualified enough to be worth a salesperson’s time, is hardly ever an overnight process.

On the other hand, the increasing demand for mobile sites and more immediate responses can tempt you to rethink the lead nurturing process.

The real question though is what exactly needs fixing?

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