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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Researching for Sales Leads Can Be Like Researching Superhumans

Whether you watched the first Avengers movie or just came out from watching the second, it seems quite clear that the Avengers recruit people not much differently from any organization. They research the individuals, make a few calls, and make a few (albeit cryptic) hints about their possible intentions.

Fictional superheroes aside, you too would need to research the history, capabilities, and accomplishments of your prospect organizations in order to determine if they’re qualified sales leads.

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You’re Always Responsible for Your B2B Leads, Even When Outsourcing

Outsourcing a lead generation company for a stock of quality B2B leads isn’t the same as outsourcing the responsibility of keeping those leads safe. At best, you only share that responsibility. You’re not giving it away to a third party even if they wanted you to.

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Don’t be Too Snarky When Qualifying Sales Leads

Some salespeople can be downright snarky when they look at supposedly ‘bad’ sales leads wave them off as time-wasters. Usually the complaints commonly fall within the range between “We don’t have this.” to “Do marketers even listen to our own customers?”

But as dismissive as they all sound, don’t think this is good behavior worth emulating. There’s a lot of self-examination required before you can really call yourself qualified enough to be snarky with your leads. Continue reading