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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ensuring Lead Through Effective Nurturing

B2B marketing makes its way to keep their leads. Not only that, but they make sure that the leads they already have can generate more leads. A B2B marketing style requires a great effort in searching more lead out there.

The essence of having a good lead is important in the business. The source may come from one another and the results can be achieved in way or two.  It is necessary to have a lead not taken for granted. Here are some ways that we can share so that you can keep your lead now and in the future.

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Timing Can Be Your Gateway to Sales Leads

Timing can be such a difficult feat for most. But timing can also be that winning move for a football player to score a goal, for a boxer to knock-out his opponent, even for a salesperson to get a response from a prospect.

Often wonder why the emails you send hardly get a response?  There could be numerous answers to that, but why not start with the easiest to solve: schedule the delivery of your emails. GetResponse states that the specific schedule of sending emails to your prospect can boost the chance of getting a response than just randomly setting a time.

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Micro-Moments’ Macro Effect to B2B Marketing

Micro-moments is a term coined by Google to call those spontaneous times when a mobile user taps a button to search the internet. It has been discussed that the number of consumer purchases occurred while using their mobile as a platform is quickly multiplying. Though the time spent per visit has decreased, the series of small-time phone activity consistently grew.

For B2B marketers, micro-moments could either be an opportunity or a challenge. Either way, its effect is definitely going to change the way you do your B2B marketing. Hence you should consider taking measures when micro-moments come to you, be it as  a challenge or an opportunity.

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Lead Generation Tips – Stats Aren’t Just Numbers

Number and facts go along together. It often serves as a basis for discovery and even for improvements. Statistics are also considered as a reliable interpretation of data and is widely used. Even telemarketing is not an exception.

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