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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Improving your Social Profile

After auditing or creating your social media accounts, you can now start shouting out your online presence, You must decide what network is best to set up your social media goals. If cannot specify a network, start from building a broader sense of goals for your audience. If you already have an account prior to this, make a revamp of that account parallel in your mission.

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Common Errors in Collecting Email Contacts

One phase described in the four quadrants of email marketing by Daniel Fagella is collecting. This can be looked as email acquisition or email researching. The aim of this phase is to acquire as much as possible right leads and this can be begin with the immediate communication using the right method and the right pace. Optimization of this phase means improving lead flow from given sources. Continue reading

When Inaccurate Data invades your Records

B2B marketing most precious too is their database, in which records of raw and qualified clients are stored. This record holds the bread and butter of the business. Without this, the business would fall down and immediately succumb in oblivion. Data analysts are the ones who basically manage this tough records and safe keep it from inaccurate information as much as possible. The work is tough, according to most of these analyst which by the way one of our It personnel will be resigning this week. Continue reading

Datameer and its benefits for Lead Generations

Marketing firms around the global community are waiting for the launch of the application of Datameer. The application firmly believes they have the answer. Datameer, Inc. is a big data Analytics and Visualization Company based in San Francisco, California. Continue reading

Comprehensive Categorization of Content Marketing

Many writers and editors dilemma are into producing new and authentic topic by not compromising the quality of work, especially in b2b content marketing. This happens when these people ran out of new ideas of what to present in a weekly basis or daily basis even. The problem is not the lacking of idea but how these ideas can be used to create new, or in other critics, can be a new category with the used of categorization. Continue reading

Digital Download in Sales Outsourcing and lead generation

Downloading revolutionize the use of internet. We can see the dawn of file sharing and allocating from these activities. Downloading became popular after 1998 when networking improved the quality of speed. The industrialization of computer usage peaks high after the end of century and downloading activity is just one of its assets. Continue reading