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5 Common Statements when you have Troubles in your Marketing Department  



Ideally, marketing personnel don’t usually come out and voice out want they think. More probably, they made it to such effort to try and hide the message of the results. As a result, it is really difficult to determine if your marketing department is doing well or not. Worse is that you can’t even see and pay attention to the words your employee is saying.

Their job is to support the company and it is even dealing that the entire team will depend on their work. After all, their job is to attract clients and produce more leads. As a matter of fact, it should be considerable to understand the statements of your team in order for you to drive their ends.

Let us pay attention to this statements made by our teams.

  1. “I haven’t seen that email”

Often our co-workers will forget to read our request and immediate reply cannot be done. Repetitive issuance of request may due in negligence. Sometimes it means that the request may not be feasible. You should always try to reach out if something is wrong.

  1. Yes, we can do that. Yes, we can. We’ll meet the deadline.

This may be an excuse for further delays. Commonly, this make it to the most annoying reason ever. If your team says they can meet the deadline, it means they need more time. They are not robots by the way.

  1. “it’s labeled as v17”

Producing a lot of version from a single result implicates that the product is not done or it isn’t ready. Your team will try to hide this from you by sending faulty labels that results in confusion.

  1. “We need an idea. Let’s brainstorm”

Trust me. The idea box id empty and everybody should participate in getting the idea of the box. Tip for these is you should brainstorm in advance just in case.

  1. “We get it done on weekends”

No one get it done on weekends. Nobody will do it unless there is a price of doing it. Reach out again and see what causes the delays.

Our client’s interest may be important but looking further into how our team works is as well equally as important on their behalf. Taking down how both works on a resolution will make marketing efforts more plausible.


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