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5 Tips in Keeping your Company from Employee Turnover in B2B Marketing



In any industry, keeping excellent staff and having a bit higher turnover of employees can be problematic. Your team rely on each other and watch each other’s back especially in any lead generating process and business proposals in B2B marketing. This makes everybody to move forward and if someone leaves in a sudden, it disrupts the total process.

Not only that someone will be missing and be leaving their assignments behind but your company has already invested time, money and energy towards that individual in recruiting and training. If that happens, you have to repeat the process all over again.

Retaining employees is just like retaining your clients and customers. This is one way to keep their track set on their goals. Retaining your team should make yourself create a space wherein your people want to stay. And by that as well keeping their best talent.

We prepared five tips in molding a loyal employee and help your business avoid the tragedy of high turnovers.

TIP # 1: Improve Your Benefits Package

You can’t always compete your salary compensation with big companies but one way to retain individual is through the benefits you can provide. This will make them stay without minding the monetary reason and will make them feel valued and happy.

Some of the benefits may include:

  1. Flexible work schedules
  2. Homebased operations
  3. Fancy coffee and concessionaire
  4. Extra vacation days
  5. Quality equipment and furnishing

TIP # 2: Make A Heart welcoming Onboard

Reasons why employee left company because of looking into a greener pasture. This create an impact about an individual unable to comprehend his role in the company.

To end this, you must have it in mind to welcome them upon being hired or after the training. Making a nice welcoming make them feel they are especial. You should also introduce them with their co-workers and the C-level executives. Invite them during lunch and don’t make them feel they are just there for just work but rather a whole new reason.

TIP # 3: Give Doors for Opportunity to Learn and be promoted

Working over a year or more in the same position and cubicle will exhaust and tire eventually your employee. This makes them feel unwell in working. To compensate with this, you must always check and stretch out the potential of your employees. Promotion will sound great on this. Trust me, it has always been proven in many companies.

TIP # 4: Allow Them to Build Their Own Brand

Make room for individuals with vision and talent. Employees who has their personal touch in their work success and kept engage on what they do. Allowing an individual to move freely in their own space of work will make them breath without hassle and stress.

TIP # 5: Reward Hard Work

There is one in a thousand chance of finding a dedicated and hardworking individual. Every job well done is a product that is produced by sweat and effort. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and know their contribution matters.

Keeping your talented team members is about more than paying them a competitive salary — though that definitely helps. Your people want to be creatively stimulated, nurtured, and above all, appreciated. How you do that is up to you, but what’s most important is that you provide the tools and direction for your team to find satisfaction in their positions.


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