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The Call Reluctance in B2B Appointment Setting

Call reluctance in B2B marketing, there are many managers and trainers who believe there is such a thing as “call reluctance.” But actually, there isn’t. The company spent many researches in trying to figure out why the people won’t get on the phone to their prospects.The Call Reluctance in B2B Appointment Setting

It has been discovered that call reluctance in B2B marketing, that there are a couple of things that are true. It was found that most financial professionals share four very important traits:

  1. The first trait that they share is that they are smart.
  2. The second trait is that they are outgoing. They’re very people-oriented and social. They tend to be really good with other people, and they like to be with people. They’re not involved with machines; they’re not involved with the nonhuman environment. People in sales love to be with other people.
  3. The third thing I know is true about them is that they’re verbal in call reluctance in B2B marketing. They’re talkers! They like to talk and they tend to be better at talking than a lot of other people. They are the most verbally adept folks out there.
  4. The fourth trait is that salespeople who are commissioned tend to have a history of success and be ambitious to be successful. Most of the people I train are in the financial services business, and I work with a lot of recruiters. They all tell me that even a young candidate must have a history of success in his or her endeavors.

It can be summarized that the financial services professional is a good smart talker and that is there isn’t call reluctance in B2B marketing. And if you put these people on a phone, and they think they are going to sound like blubbering idiots, they are not going to do it. It’s very hard for people to do anything that doesn’t match their self-image. People will not do an activity that is in conflict with their self-image. So if you have a verbally adept, smart person who feels that he or she is sounding stupid and tripping over words on the phone, that person is not going to do it.

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