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Social Media Marketing: Pros and Cons [Infographic]

These very days, social media marketing is one of the many channels used by brand companies to connect to their target prospects. But with so many social media networks that are available in the digital realm, how can a marketer choose which will work best for his/her campaign especially if it targets B2B companies. Continue reading

Social Proofing in your Website

Do you know how many active website in the internet? Well, it’s just about 644 million. Just an easy number to compete with all other 65 million trusted website. But that does not end well though. In marketing, your website is as good as your company image in the cyber world. Having a very nice looking and credible image towards your visitors will make a great impression for your company. This has been proven in surveys and in the approval of the masses. Continue reading

Improving your Social Profile

After auditing or creating your social media accounts, you can now start shouting out your online presence, You must decide what network is best to set up your social media goals. If cannot specify a network, start from building a broader sense of goals for your audience. If you already have an account prior to this, make a revamp of that account parallel in your mission.

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