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How to Win CEO Approval in promoting B2B Marketing


The bottom line of every business institution is that the CEO will always be the one to drive the future of their company. For business starters, it is inevitably difficult to decide whether a CEO will say yes or no in approving a third party marketing company. The reason is clear because it might be that the CEO is not too confident in the marketing power and potentials.

Marketers can always say positive in promoting B2B marketing yet the persuasion of a CEO does not come from himself but more likely coming from the status and allocated budget of his company.

approval CEO

This is one of the challenge in inside B2B marketing firm. The time and the choice of action to persuade a CEO to invest in third party marketing takes incredible force that even Darth Vader is unable to push forward. If that is true then it is the job of the marketer to manipulate the decision of CEO to grab the opportunity.

We take the following actions in persuading CEO to invest in our marketing.

Provide Case study relating Sales and marketing

Sales without marketing needs brand engagement and sales with marketing need customer engagement. Warming CEO prospects with case study and survey about the results of multi-channel marketing relating sales performance should be the sole reason of your content creation.

Provide Case study about ROI in marketing

Any allocated investments in any business should make a considerable amount of return. Your case should provide how particular ROIs in marketing a third party business. This is the foremost case study your CEO prospects will be looking into. Providing them with more effective content will make them think of investing some efforts in marketing.

Provide Case study about Budget in marketing

Aside from investment, business budget from CEO need to be determine immediately. CEO always take a consideration when it comes to budget if the ROI as well is promising. Thus, adjusting the case study about budget in marketing is as important as the other two mentioned above.

Your content is the first step in engaging your CEO prospects. The undeniable effective content can make or break your marketing strategy when it comes to C-level corporate.

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