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The Inquiry Fulfillment in B2B Lead Generation

The Inquiry Fulfillment in B2B Lead Generation. Today, the big news in inquiry fulfillment is the new science of “content marketing,” which is sweeping the B2B marketing world. Understanding that business buyers research the solutions to business problems online, long before they call in a salesperson to help them, marketers create vast libraries of so-called “content assets.” These are available to educate and inform customers and prospects, and to demonstrate thought leadership among influential parties in their particular fields. These assets make excellent fodder for lead generation, as offers to motivate response, as content for effective lead nurturing to help move prospects along their buying journeys, and to stay in touch and deepen relationships with current customers.

The Inquiry Fulfillment in B2B Lead Generation

The Inquiry Fulfillment in B2B Lead Generation. Nothing is more important than correctly qualifying sales leads before they are delivered to the sales people. It is a frequent misunderstanding on the part of marketers that lead volume is the objective. In fact, it is quality that counts. The objective is to generate enough qualified leads so that each sales territory is optimally busy, productive, and fulfilling its quota. More is not necessarily better. Delivering too many leads can be as wasteful as delivering too few. Delivering qualified leads is what provides real leverage to that expense and constrained resource: the sales force.

The Inquiry Fulfillment in B2B Lead Generation. Most inquiries require additional qualification before they are ready for handoff to sales. The secret to qualification is involvement of the sales team in setting qualification criteria. A good way to elicit an idea of the ideal prospect is to ask a few sales managers and sales reps to describe their ideal prospect, in terms of type of company, job role, and needs. Some will tell you they want to be given every response that comes in from their territory. But your job is to deliver to them only leads that are ready to take up their valuable time.

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