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Lead Management Plan that works best with “Hot Business Leads”

Nurturing campaigns without doubt, are the action plans needed to execute whenever we catch some business leads. They serve as a polisher of the gems found in the electronic mining. That sounds so metaphoric when we say we need to manage efficiently our contact and business leads. The point of lead nurturing campaigns is to make the most out of the resource to make our leads into sales. Competitions are tough but we ensure that we do our best.

hot leads

Now, when we talk about “hot leads” what comes into your mind?

Are they the type of leads that automatically says yes to any offer? Or they are the type that says yes not anything your sales reps would ask?

None of the above is right. Hot leads are frequent visitors of your website. They open every email you sent and they are engage on every social media actions you take. Sounds like they are really into your brand or are they just stalking?

No matter what is the reason, their actions must be replied with the right nurturing plan.

What you are going to do then is to make them feel welcome and move them on the sales funnel one process at a time.

These processes includes:

  1. Send them email option 1:

A case study that relates the page of which the lead is most likely to visit. Example, case about the prospect POV about your service.

  1. Send them email option 2:

Anything free is good. Offer them free 1-day service, a consultation or review what they need to learn further.

  1. Send them email option 3:

Take advantage of the option 2. Make a final email about offering a special price if they like the free service. This will pressure their decision.

‘Hot leads’ can be very easy to get in touch. They are like pre-polished gems that just needed a little polishing for a finer touch. B2B companies regard them as first line basis in lead management. True, anyone can make out of these precious gems.

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