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Measuring your Team’s Sales Performance in B2B marketing: A Qualitative Guide

There are a lot of resources out there that promise to make your sales reps better, faster, and stronger.  Ultimately, they are made of tips and tricks, call scripts, subject line suggestions, and more. We know that a lot of you read this article and share it with your teams.

But when it’s all said and done, how do you identify if your sales reps have actually improved?

“Excellent performance” goes beyond quota fulfillment. It’s a combination of factors, and you’ll have to take in multiple data points and more substantive assessments to evaluate whether your salespeople are performing good or bad.

Teams Sales Performance in B2B marketing

We’ve gathered down the most important factors you should use to evaluate sales performance quantitatively.

1) The Buyer persona proficiency

Understanding your business’ buyer personas is the secret to be able to prospect quickly and effectively. Make sure your reps are inviting in the correct types of customers and targeting the right leads. The surest way to measure this is through churn rate. Reps who invite in lots of customers that stay in the company for several years are able to identify good fits, but salespeople whose deals churn out in a month or two aren’t selling to the right people.

2) The Product expertise

This is the second more difficult to measure, but there are a few ways to record product expertise. Do your sales reps attends product training’s regularly? Do they keep up-to-date B2B marketing collateral and company news? At a minimum, sales reps should learn how to value and implement every part of your product and its function.

On a higher level, the surest way to test product expertise is to see whether your reps can generate coherent plans with their prospects. Whether if it’s having your managers sit in on goal-setting calls or role-playing with their reps, this step needs a bit more substantive research, but has huge payoff if you identify core flaws that you can rectify.

3) Ability to appropriately qualify and disqualify

Qualification is one skill that ties together every part of B2B sales. Being good at qualification is critical to B2B sales success — it’s a consistent process that sales reps utilize at every step of the sales process to know whether a prospect is a good fit, what they need to solve their business gaps, and why they would or wouldn’t close.

View your reps’ conversion rates through each step of the B2B sales process as compared to the rest of the company. If they’re missing a ton of B2B prospects between the connect and exploration stages, for example, they’re not being sharp enough about disqualifying B2B prospects after a discovery call. On the other hand, if they have very high conversion rates post-discovery but are still losing their number, it’s possible they’re spending too much time on research and could increase prospect outreach without sacrificing quality.

To summarize, the message your metrics send you bases on any number of factors that are unique in your business, and it’s a possibility that you’ll need to look at more (or different) metrics than the ones listed above. However, if you track these factors, you’ll have a concrete base on which to found your own B2B sales performance rubrics.

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