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Piggyback Riding: One way to Increase Online Awareness  


Starting industry are struggling when it comes to the launch of their company website and online resources. This happen when there is only a few connections from their online management system and because of that, the digital office of the company cannot be looked up. This is the real difficulty of many small to medium scale and starting.

Piggyback Riding

Increasing online awareness in B2B marketing and business selling can be achieved in several ways. There is multi-channel marketing, SEOs, business ads, paid ads and searched ads. Now all these are integrated into marketing automation but what if you want to do it alone?

The answer is yes. You can still create awareness by piggyback riding.

Cambridge dictionary define this as “to use something that someone else has made or done in order to get an advantage”.

As the definition itself, you can take advantage of someone or something’s popularity in order to gain popularity by plugging your own content.

This may sound absurd but trust me when I tell you this. It may seem pointless at first but the result is promising.

To do this, you have to research what peaks in popular searches under your industry then what peaks in top.

For example, our previous blog Checklists in Becoming Luke Skywalker in B2B Online Marketing gains at least 90 viewers last December 22, 2015 when the new Star Wars movie has been out the cinemas.

You can use Google Trends to see what the popular searches are. You should also consider the time to piggyback the search.

Next is you can see it follows the word online marketing, it is because online marketing has been searched most in the last two months under marketing technology topic.

Adding the two key terms and piggybacking the trend at the time can gather more usual audiences and shares are over 50 in our case.

Every opportunity is gold in B2B marketing and digital advertising. Now that we work with wires and radio, we can take our business more than just a feet over.

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