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Credit Card Processing Leads

Credit card processing looks deceptively simple,but for many vendors in the industry, it’s difficult to helppotential clients untangle thecomplexities. Throw in the usual security skeptics and federal regulators, and certain segments become quite impenetrable. Our company takes pride in our capacity to pack information on complex business processes and translate this into engaging marketing messages your prospects care about throughout every step of the buying cycle. This allows you to communicatethe valueofyourcredit card processing solutionwhile overcomingthe usual obstacles.

Cash Register Leads

Your products don’t always have to sit on the shelves for weeks before they find their next customer. Koalified Leads has the direct marketing chops to deliver quality sales leads even for companies simply in the business of selling high-end point-of-sale equipment. Outsource our certified marketing teams at affordable rates and increase the scope of your own lead generation campaign. We’re no strangers to engaging small business owners and anyone else you would consider a potential client for your point-of-sale products.

Online Payment Processing Lead Generation

Given the rise of online retail, many businesses want to provide their users with a secure, reliable means of paying for products/services over the internet. Our P.O.S. lead generation campaigns also cater to online payment processing firms who want to reach out to aspiring internet businesses. The fear of scams and untrustworthy payment schemes can serve as a strong stumbling block both for online retailers and buyers. Bridge the gap by educating potential clients and turning them into quality sales leads.