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Sales Development: A New Way to Fill the Gap between Sales and Marketing  


The truth about inbound marketing is –they may be interested, but they are not ready to buy. You may enumerate a couple of interested clients but it hurts you when they don’t seem to answer your message in the next few days or so. This results in frustration for both sales and marketing.

sales marketing gap

Inbound means you can stop using interruption as your primary lead generation tactic. But, the vast majority of inbound leads are not ready to buy, and when they get turned over to the sales team as if they are, bad things happen.

To prevent this, there is a discipline that ensures that leads (of all types) are managed effectively, this is the Sales Development. With this technique, your sales people can focused on their sole task –managing and winning new sales.

What is sales development? Trish Bertuzzi, found of The Bridge Group, defines it as the combination of data analysis tools, email nurturing and phone prospecting teams in a specialized role that is exclusively focused on creating sales qualified leads and preparing them for new sales people.


Sales development discipline fills in the gaps between sales and marketing by ensuring that there is a proper alignment between the two. It properly manage marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and gives personalized attention to move prospects through their sales journey to maximize conversion opportunities. With that being said, sales development pours down and concretize your sales gap.

There is however a need to have a third discipline.  To achieve the best results above, both Sales and Marketing should be synchronize. They’re designed to work the way customers manage decision today and reinforce one another.

Certainly both marketing and sales have responsibility for revenue growth. However they approach the issue from very different mindsets. Marketing tends to view things from a long-term, rules driven mindset; while sales tends to view the world from a shorter-term, opportunistic perspective. Managed effectively, this creates great opportunity.

Companies that raise the sales development discipline to the same level as marketing and sales gain a tremendous advantage over those companies that don’t. They gain greater traction, learn and evolve faster and sustain faster growth rates.

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