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Spotting Unfit Leads in B2B Marketing  


When it comes to lead generation and management, passing off leads is highly different from passing off qualified leads. The most common dilemma for lead generator is the mean to have a clear definition of what is a qualified leads and not just positive leads. Clearly speaking, there is a lot of means to define a positive and qualified leads. The problem is just not all can construct what it would be.

unqualified leads

In funneling down your bags of leads, you will have to screen out the bad ones or simply putting away the unfit ones. In our marketing process, we have several number of protocols to keep in mind once we receive a positive response from a business proponent. I want to share some of these for you to be able to notice how are your leads doing and how to spot the bad apples.


This requires the financial standing of your leads. It means that you should consider their financial capability upon information collection. You can’t do much about this but you should consider engaging them first by using content and that way you can build trust as well. Same goes in asking the budget, you should save it at the bottom of the negotiation or rather if you’re brave enough, you can ask them right away.

  1. Can’t Decide

Another factor that will put your positive leads in the trash is the inability of your point of contact don’t carry the authority of deciding whether they should or they shouldn’t sign up with B2B marketing. This means that you have to retarget personnel in the C-suite or even higher. And also send them significant content and catch their relentless schedules.

  1. No Need for your Product

Ask about why they should need marketing platform or not? Often business owners don’t see the bright side of having a marketing partners. This means that you should make it clear that your service will affect their sales performance in a marginal factor. You should seek out also their marketing or sales challenges in order to fill out the gap.

  1. Company is too Big/ Small

The size of the company matters in lead qualification. Your lead may be positive but your product may not fit in their scope or your product is preferably scoped for SMBs. This means that you can retarget enterprise business which can allocate more marketing budget.

  1. Location is Undefined

Your marketing scope might not fit in their selling scope or their territory is limited. Just like having no budget, you can’t do much about this. Negotiation for the product is an alternative. Instead of offering lead generation service, you can offer them contact database solutions.

  1. Fake Contact Information

This is fairly stupid if your researcher cannot verify the lead contact whether if it is email or phone. In digital marketing, fraudsters are everywhere and that means over 5 million fake personas are in the internet.

Good leads management makes up a successful marketing method. Knowing and understanding your lead will improve your ROI and lessen you effort in lead nurturing. This way, much closable factor in sales will increase. Thus it takes more than one person to do this and that is why you should collaborate more with your marketing teams.

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