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Social Media Marketing: Pros and Cons [Infographic]

These very days, social media marketing is one of the many channels used by brand companies to connect to their target prospects. But with so many social media networks that are available in the digital realm, how can a marketer choose which will work best for his/her campaign especially if it targets B2B companies. Continue reading

Predictive Analytics: Its Benefits in B2B Marketing and Buying Decisions  

Gone in the days when we have to ask the customer if he will buy or not.

B2B marketing in the traditional time only takes a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ answers from their buyers in order to move down to their sales journey. Once said no, the path lead to trash the lead. Resulting in massive occupancy in gapping the decline of uninterested buyers. Continue reading

Developing Buyer Persona: It’s Benefits in B2B Marketing  


There are a lot of fish in the sea, they say.

Fishing a fish with the right tool would be a piece of cake and much of a patience. Fishing and marketing is likely to be indifferent. Just like looking for a fish in the sea, finding the right person to buy a product seems to go with luck alone. It is like throwing the bait and wait for something whether –big of small, is the kind of traditional marketers would do. Continue reading

Finding the Right Partner for Content Marketing

Have you ever considered teaming up with other business colleagues in B2B marketing? Have your thought of engaging some content other that your own? Have you realized that your content sounds do obsolete in the ears of your audience? Well, this time around you may want to consider to something like leveraging some alliance with other services.

Continue reading

Comprehensive Categorization of Content Marketing

Many writers and editors dilemma are into producing new and authentic topic by not compromising the quality of work, especially in b2b content marketing. This happens when these people ran out of new ideas of what to present in a weekly basis or daily basis even. The problem is not the lacking of idea but how these ideas can be used to create new, or in other critics, can be a new category with the used of categorization. Continue reading

Another Wall for Social Marketing

Let’s face it. Almost everyone that uses the internet has an account with the most famous and ever growing social media, Facebook. Yeah. I know right. Almost anyone you know in your life has their own account. Almost everyone in the family too, and because it’s free and there are tons of people you know in the media, we are (at some point) obligated to create our own account and join the surfing social media spree.

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Don’t be Too Snarky When Qualifying Sales Leads

Some salespeople can be downright snarky when they look at supposedly ‘bad’ sales leads wave them off as time-wasters. Usually the complaints commonly fall within the range between “We don’t have this.” to “Do marketers even listen to our own customers?”

But as dismissive as they all sound, don’t think this is good behavior worth emulating. There’s a lot of self-examination required before you can really call yourself qualified enough to be snarky with your leads. Continue reading