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Spotting Unfit Leads in B2B Marketing  


When it comes to lead generation and management, passing off leads is highly different from passing off qualified leads. The most common dilemma for lead generator is the mean to have a clear definition of what is a qualified leads and not just positive leads. Clearly speaking, there is a lot of means to define a positive and qualified leads. The problem is just not all can construct what it would be. Continue reading

Where Positive Leads are and How to Get It

In B2B marketing, lead generation is a tough job for someone who is looking for a positive prospect who took the bait. This is like finding a needle on a bunch of haystack with only a piece of magnet. Digital marketers have gone through different medium to obtain the right people and their contact. The dilemma of most online researcher is where to look and where to start? Continue reading

Social Proofing in your Website

Do you know how many active website in the internet? Well, it’s just about 644 million. Just an easy number to compete with all other 65 million trusted website. But that does not end well though. In marketing, your website is as good as your company image in the cyber world. Having a very nice looking and credible image towards your visitors will make a great impression for your company. This has been proven in surveys and in the approval of the masses. Continue reading

If You Want Qualified Leads With a Personal Touch, Define What’s ‘Personal’

The idea of getting ‘personalized’ leads has been known to excite sales teams. It’s like the idea of getting qualified leads isn’t enough until they’ve been strictly personalized for the salesperson assigned to close them.

But you know, there are other ways you can define ‘personal.’ Some of the things that really personalize your leads are done by your salespeople, not your marketers.

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Lead Generation Strategies Need to Qualify Leads Like the Academy Qualifies Nominees

It’s no secret that the Academy Awards really hold up a different standard than a majority of movie goers. Some say it’s a little elitist. Others say they’ve got refined taste.

Either way, the one thing they have and what your lead generation strategy needs to have is the capacity to discern what really qualifies for your business.

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