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Developing Buyer Persona: It’s Benefits in B2B Marketing  


There are a lot of fish in the sea, they say.

Fishing a fish with the right tool would be a piece of cake and much of a patience. Fishing and marketing is likely to be indifferent. Just like looking for a fish in the sea, finding the right person to buy a product seems to go with luck alone. It is like throwing the bait and wait for something whether –big of small, is the kind of traditional marketers would do. Continue reading

5 Tips in Keeping your Company from Employee Turnover in B2B Marketing



In any industry, keeping excellent staff and having a bit higher turnover of employees can be problematic. Your team rely on each other and watch each other’s back especially in any lead generating process and business proposals in B2B marketing. This makes everybody to move forward and if someone leaves in a sudden, it disrupts the total process. Continue reading

Why Qualify Leads Instead of Taking Them for Granted

No matter how successful you are at sales (or perhaps, it could even be because of it), you shouldn’t take leads for granted.

Now, many might react and say how can one take sales leads for granted and yet reach the point that they consider themselves experienced sellers?

It all boils down to understanding the process of qualifying those leads.

Continue reading