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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Generate Leads

There are a lot of ways to generate lead. From the most common, which is telemarketing up to the most recent lead buying. The continuous expansion of internet lead the digital marketing into multiple channels and so on to the creation of new channels which generate leads. In today’s strategy in b2b marketing, newly formed channels are in to help marketers in finding the right leads for their pipeline.


For marketers who are just starting their career in lead generation, there small yet quick ways to use popular channels in expediting the journey in lead generation. We are going to take a tour to the most popular lead generation that’s in 2015.

  1. Direct Emailing- direct mailing is where you will be creating a personalized email to be sent out to you contact list. But first you must need a contact provider which you can refer to this site. The emails you will be sending out must contain a brief intro about your b2b marketing service by offering incentives.
  2. Opt-in- inbound customer are going to have a scheduled appointment from your site. Make sure your site’s popularity is maintained by SEOs.
  3. Social Networking- social media, dating sites, game sites and many more will take you to the right and real people out there. Make sure you social profile is high-end and popular.
  4. Content marketing –content such as blogs, website, webinars, and demo videos, informational video and instructional are needed by people who are into your product. This will catch lead too.
  5. Sales Outsourcing –downloading video, songs, ebooks and free software are one way to catch users online. You just have to put opt in before downloading and now you have leads already.

B2B marketing is not a one day job. It takes week or even months for a prospect to be converted into leads. And not only that, lead generation must be a consistent follow up. Our way of market is now in the electronic wires, and we should think the same way as well.


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    To be able to outrank your competitors you need also to monitor your competitors what is happening on their site and having great content today is not just as effective as before because you need to leverage or engage on social media not just by posting your new content.


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