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The Schedule of a typical Social Media Manager

It’s common for us to know what social media looks from the outside –hashtags from Twitter, Facebook ads, viral videos, and a lot of selfies. But what do Social Media Manager have in their schedules? Guest: we do a lot more than you could ever imagine than just getting paid by a post and tweet. In line with this, we would like to share a bit of our daily schedule and some tips with it.The Schedule of a typical Social Media ManagerEarly morning

Wake up and drink some coffee.

Open our social media accounts and quickly find out what is trending worldwide or learn about breaking news. The days we used to tune up out morning TVs are gone while eating out breakfast to find out what’s happening in our communities. Use this time to read press releases and check in on what new things my competitors have announced.


After bath and everything else…

As a marketer, I have to work one-on-one with my colleagues in order to identify the best plan of attack in amplifying individual programs, giving each one the right understanding of the prospects, the project timelines, and how they can all fits to the larger set of the company’s priorities.


While taking my lunch and I am brainstorming…

On the lunch table with your teammates, ideas and inspiration are everywhere –not just in your lousy cubicles. Get your engagement with water cooler talk and see what your teammate’s minds is. You can never tell when the light bulb will go off simply based on something said to you by a passersby.


No rooms for an afternoon nap…

Social marketing can never have its break schedule. That’s a fact. The job of a Social Media manager does way more than just playing around on Facebook all day. There is art and science in social media, just like any other marketing strategy. It should be created compatibly with other programs.

Evening and late evening

Before I go to rest…

Social media manager will check all necessary updates and status in every social media account. It lists down some plan for tomorrow to ensure the social campaign is running smoothly.

See. This is how a typical daily lives of any Social Media Manager in the field of marketing.

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