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The Sooner You Know SaaS Market: The Better  


SaaS Market

Market such physical market requires more time and effort in running things out a little bit. The manpower requires minimum action in order to aggregate the results. In many marketing research, Software as a Service (SaaS) has been growing since 1999 in US.

The revenue of software development drastically skyrocketed only after two years in 2002. The promising results and potential of SaaS industry has been widely distributed among many other markets.

In this section, we will explain the benefits of targeting SaaS market and why so many B2B marketing are hooked up with this kind of industry.

Minimal Investment

SaaS don’t run on a physical environment just like any other markets. It will only take manpower and minimal facility in order to produce a quality software. The investment needed to jumpstart an SQL database for Office used range from $ US 2-5K. That is cheaper than buying a car. And it takes only 15-30 days of data acquisition to complete the set up.

Minimal Maintenance

Facilities and platform is never an issue with SaaS market. The resolution for maintenance takes only one technician to accomplish. Price range from USD 300-500. Time for maintenance is required not more than 45 days and transaction is very negotiable.

Few People Run the Business

Getting troubled in talking to many C-level employees? Not with SaaS industry, normally in a case study from UK Data Service. SaaS Company only has an average of 1-2 C-level executives and sometimes the CEO himself is the one you can negotiate directly.

Free Trials

SaaS industry give a lot of free giveaways and not hurting their investment. Doing so, they can accommodate people and increase their interest in giving free usage for at least an amount of time. It will never an issue from a programmer to segment the rules in services.

So, we have already an idea why SaaS industry has been a cardinal partner of B2B marketing. The next time you retarti

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